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Forensic Accountants Serving Insurers


Insurers make key decisions everyday- taking on new risks, renewing existing risks, dealing with emerging loss situations. We provide them with reliable information they need to make these decisions quickly and fairly. Learn more


Forensic Accountants Serving Attorneys


The financial and economic aspects of commercial litigation can be complex and often obscured. We identify, quantify and explain the complex accounting, operational and financial aspects of a dispute or claimLearn more


Forensic Accountants Serving Private Industry

Private Industry

The challenges businesses face are constantly changing and the need for companies to quickly respond to them can strain an organization. We provide companies with a versatile resource to help them handle the unexpected. Learn more


Marvel & Associates developed a  Physical Inventory Observation Guide for use by Non-Accounting  Insurance Professionals.

Distributed Denial of Service Attack – Evaluating a Business Interruption Claim
eRisk Hub®
Ryan Tooley, CPA, MBA, Senior Manager


Marvel & Associates is listed on the eRisk Hub® as a provider of forensic accounting services for data breach recovery claims.